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Tips for Getting a Camaro! Got any?


I'm a new member that has been lurking here since 2010. I actually loved reading about Camaro5 Fest, the friendly banters between the members, including the bet between to known members!
Anyways, I digress.

It took some time to finally get this close to purchasing a Camaro SS, and I'm just wondering if you can provide any tips for it!

I'm also a beginner when it comes to dealerships. I went to get an idea on how the SS rides and the prices: For a 2013 2SS/RS (with performance shifter), I'm looking at around $50,279. Yes, I live in Canada (Calgary, AB). With $10,000 down payment, I'm looking at $560 monthly for 72 months (0.99% APR). It is something that is achievable to me; however, I'm worried that I might not be finding the best deal around. Is there any way I can get a lower price on the 2013s? Or is the price going to be similar to 2014 Camaros, so I might as well wait for them? The salesman did not do the 4 box thing that gets repeated; all he gave me was the car payments (36-84 months) for $0 and $10,000 down payments, so his interaction seemed a bit sincere to me (pardon my doubt; dealers get a bad rep, sometimes unfairly). Any tips that apply to Canadians from Alberta!?

I drive a 135i fairly regularly, so I am used to some V6 TT power. Test driving the SS proved to be a different monster: while not as nimble, the grunt it provided was incredible. Granted, the reason the SS felt heavy was because it was the convertible. This was more obvious when testing the 1LS, as that one felt light on its feet.
Once, and if, I get a SS Camaro, what can you, ladies and gents, tell me about the experiences that I will have as a long-term Camaro owner? I've seen so many of the nice posts at early years, and this post would be a good one to catch up to how you all have been handling a SS (and LS/LTs) since 2010!!
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