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Hey TheAbyss,

I'm new as well and although i can't speak to how the SS rides, I've been dealing with dealerships quite a bit down here in Florida. I've over 10 visits to the 6 dealerships in the area as I've bought my 2LT and am in the market again looking to upgrade to 2SS with 1LE (I too was sold upon driving the SS for the first time.. I'm aware my car is quite new, but after having that rush of V8 power, I've been feening that power).

When it comes to price, I've been using aol auto's pricing section to see the invoice cost on the vehicle as well as the option pricing. With that i go to a dealership and make an offer about $200 over invoice and i don't budge telling them if they agree to my price i will sign everything immediately. With that you can find their rock bottom price and then compare to another dealership using the same method.

With regards to financing, i have no idea how to improve it and I'm super jealous because with my lousy credit all I'm offered is a 6.9% apr.. so it seems that ill have to pay it rather quickly.

Last few things i know to push a dealership into a better deal is going there at the end of a month as they will be looking to meet quota and if you're looking for a '13 then try to wait until the end of the year.. however you have fewer vehicle options.. not sure when the Canada order cutoff is for the '13's but when i called Chevy they told me i had until June 27.
(Funny though how ALl the dealerships tell me i cannot order one and insist i take one from the lot or do a vehicle search)

I'm upgrading very soon to the 1LE

Looking for someone to SWAP their Ashen Gray Hood and Rear Spoiler for 1LE versions. I live in Florida and frequently travel to NY. I will drive to you if you are interested in swapping and live somewhere in between.

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