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Off topic, sorry.

Ah I was wondering who the 416 was going to. I was up to New Era a bit ago and the Whipple for this car was still setting in the office, that whole build is gonna be a beast!!! My 1LE will be going up to them for a tune soon. The 416 caught my attention and I might just have to look a bit more into something similar.

Cheers - Todd

Originally Posted by ayousef View Post
Hey guys,

This is an all out max effort whipple 2.9 build on a 2013 1le straight off the factory floor.

Im trying to understand for starters if the wheel widths are the exact widths as the ZL1 wheels. I know the diameter is the same, just concerned about the widths since the ZL1 comes with a 315mm tire in the back, and if the width was the same the wheel would be sticking out in an ugly way with a 285mm tire.

Anyone try to stagger tire widths on a 1le? I know the squared tire dimensions has shown to be superior on the track but for a high hp vehicle that will never see track duty and mostly require straight line acceleation grip, do you think its possible to run a 315mm tire in the rear and a 285mm tire up front without running into any issues with ABS or traction control kicking in due to the different diameter ratio between the front/rear tires?

Thanks in advance!
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