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Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
Laser focusing on cutting as much stuff as possible without sacrificing safety was a huge key to make the Z/28 100 pounds lighter than the SS and 300 pounds lighter than the ZL1. That means the Z28 will weight slightly more than a 2LS V6 Camaro, and awfully close to the Mustang GT. Forged wheels round out the weight-loss program, giving this Camaro the best power to weight ratio out of any version of Camaro.

ZL1 Coupe
Weight - 4,120 lbs
Power - 580 HP
P/W - 7.103 lbs/HP

Weight - Estimated 3,760 2LT coupe M6 weighs 3,740 lbs
If P/W = ZL1
Power = 529.354 HP
If P/W > ZL1
Power = 530 HP+

Is a 6% power bump reasonable?

So am I on a good course or just way off base?
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