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Originally Posted by gajagfan View Post
I will say I was disappointed about the 1SS cars not having the gauge pack until I sat in a car and could not see them, so I get your point. As far as the HSA goes, it seems to effect some folks more than others, so certain driving styles are going to almost never bring conflict. As dropspeed said, his throttle / clutch transition led to no problems with HSA. Others have either stalled the car or done a mini burnout. The same seems to go for the skip shift feature. As I mentioned above, unless it is drastically different than what was on the WS-6, I will hardly even notice it is there. My driving style very, very seldom ever caused it to engage on the old car, and I drove it for over 10 years.

I really look forward to trying these "helpers" and seeing if their benefits (HSA - reduced clutch wear when taking off on a steep hill, and increases fuel economy with skip shift) are outweighed by their annoyance.

Pretty sure he's talking about not being able to see half the speedo & tach as the auxilary cluster is easily visible.

And all these helpers are anything but actual helpers. Anyone that can drive a manual worth a damn doesn't need HSA. And lugging a car in 4th gear at 10mph is far from fuel conserving.
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