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Originally Posted by kjkjr27 View Post
Quick Update:

Well got some good news and bad news. I'll start with the bad news first:

Last week had my car parked in the spot I part at outside my apartment window and some old guy backed right into it hitting the driver side door leaving two lovely dents. I'll post pics and talk about it more once the other guys insurance pays to get it fixed. I'll either have to get the door repainted (thanks to lovely scratches at the contact point) or get a new door.

The good news:
Looks like I will be getting a garage so nothing like that should happen again, plus it will give me some place to work on my car without having to do it in the middle of the parking lot.

The other good news:
Attended a show on Sunday, prob about 100 cars. Managed to win my first award and took Top 50. Got a cool looking license plate thingy, now just gotta figure out where to hang it
Sorry to hear about the little accident in the parking lot but at least he didn't run off and leave your car like that. And congrats on both the Trophy and Garage. Its awesome getting the first one and its awesome to have a garage to not have to worry about your camaro being outside where bad things can happen
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