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Originally Posted by bitinas View Post
Hey everybody. Let me introduce you to my new love. Her name is A51. (I was always curious about secret us military base - area 51. Not that long ago I read Annie Jacobsen's book - Area 51, which was the best book I've ever read. So that's how my Camaro got her name.) She was born in May 2011 in Oshawa, Canada. I met her on 11/23/12 in Janesville, Wisconsin. It was love from the first sight. From the first time I saw her she charmed my heart. How can you not fall in love with such beauty! I took her home on 11/28/12. From that moment her steel heart and my human heart beat as one...
Come on, man!! You at least have had to do some minor mods in the past 5 months?? You've at least blacked out the bowties, no???

Lets see some pics!
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