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the Boss LS didn't have a back seat. I am kind of curious as to why they wanted to leave it in.

I hope GM has fixed some of the LS7 valve train issues. I am assuming yes and a warranty will cover it but the last thing anyone wants to have happen is to drop a valve on the race track.

Plenty of youtube videos for those who do not know.

Speaking of the LS7 - cam only on many Z06s put them at well over 500whp. A Z/28 will fly.

But Doc - Z/28 faster than a Z06???? Bold Statement my friend.

I could see it. The Corvette's never got this type of dedication. The Z07 was a few minor mods/upgrades but it made a world of difference. I think had they built a purpose built track Corvette with the LS7 it would have crushed the ZR1's time.

At this point i think the Z/28 is out of my price range but I am sticking around to see what this thing can do. Need to know if i need to worry about them at the track
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