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Originally Posted by Col. Brain View Post
the Boss LS didn't have a back seat. I am kind of curious as to why they wanted to leave it in.

I hope GM has fixed some of the LS7 valve train issues. I am assuming yes and a warranty will cover it but the last thing anyone wants to have happen is to drop a valve on the race track.

Plenty of youtube videos for those who do not know.

Speaking of the LS7 - cam only on many Z06s put them at well over 500whp. A Z/28 will fly.

But Doc - Z/28 faster than a Z06???? Bold Statement my friend.

I could see it. The Corvette's never got this type of dedication. The Z07 was a few minor mods/upgrades but it made a world of difference. I think had they built a purpose built track Corvette with the LS7 it would have crushed the ZR1's time.

At this point i think the Z/28 is out of my price range but I am sticking around to see what this thing can do. Need to know if i need to worry about them at the track
The 1le beat the ls3 c6's lap times on several tracks regardless of the 600lb weight disadvantage. Wouldn't be surprised if the z/28 beats the ls7 c6 as well with all they have put in to it. The z07 is much tougher competition with its suspension upgrades. We'll see. Looking forward to what Stielow has in store for us.
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