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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Thank you Justin. Coming from you with the crazy epic build you and your brother are doing, that's generous praise indeed!

After reading through you and your brother's thread, I've been pondering many things. I'm considering going more towards track-based. I'm researching wheels/tires that are more track oriented, racing seats/harnesses, upgrading the front brake calipers, and possibly going with the Optic Armor glass for front and sides. Not sure about replacing the rear window since it has the defroster grid and radio antenna in it. I'm waiting on exact weights of the Optic Armor pieces from Jim.

Your guy's thread is a treasure trove of useful info, ideas and it's a real pain in the I can't wait until you guys finish so I can take my credit cards out of hiding.
Can't wait to see where you go with that. There is a lot of weight to be lost in the seats. The stock seats are so freaking heavy! Plus some more aggressive Side bolsters will keep you in place nicely at the track. Win win

G5.R is getting some very nice seats.... soon hopefully.
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