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Originally Posted by Exigent View Post
Not sure how much you intend to actually track the car but a heavy car on street tires won't be very satisfying, the heat generated will be more than your street tires are designed to handle. I have friends who swear by Michelin Pilot Super Sports, although on much lighter cars, and the new BFG Rival is getting good reviews in the auto press. If you can't/don't want to spend $ on a set of track wheels/tires the PSS may be a good place to start. Didn't realize it was your DD, when I saw the thread title I thought you were building a hard core track car.

Spend your $ on driver education, that's where the gains are made. You're going to really enjoy getting out on track and learning to drive the ZL1,
I have about 20 track days in my ZL1 running in high advanced group. I have spent a couple grand on private lessons, not sure if spending more $$ on drivers ED is going to be the best use of money at this point. I think focusing on improving the handling capabilities of my car coupled with more seat time is going to yield the best gains.

The PSS's will be my 4th set of tires on my ZL1, and I am on my 5th set of rotors/pads. The GY G:2's were great, but I have heard really good things about PSS's so i thought I would give them a shot. I do plan on purchasing a dedicated set of track tire/wheels, but wanted to build up the suspension components first.
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