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Originally Posted by z28chuck View Post
I only have 411hp at the wheels and I can push these times...I think you're calculations are a little off...

A fellow ECC member has 410 to the wheels / stock gears and turned 4 different runs @ 11.9 in 1 night.

Sorry, but your guess is waaay wrong.
We shall see. We are all guessing. I am not saying there are not 5th gen exceptions with great driving and careful drag track mods with a lot of time at the track. DRs, gears, skinnies, shift lights, etc. But we are talking stock Z/28. Most of the faster 5th gens it seems to me are automatics. We might be a year away from knowing about the Z/28.

Also keep in mind the Z/28 will not be set up for Drag Racing optimal weight transfer with alignment, sway bar resistance, and shock valving. And if the Z/28 has the same basic 1LE suspension, wheel hop may also be a problem. Which makes me wonder what axles and diff the Z/28 will be using. The 1LE set up is what should be standard on all LS3s. But I see a thread already where a 1LE has smoked its axle or diff. Isn't the ZL1 diff too heavy?

I hope to race a Z/28 some day. But I will lose. I am where you are at the wheels (400+) and can't get past 12.8@112 on stock tires. I need the good driver mod. Can you show me what my car can really do?

Oh and I was supposed to guess MPH too so: 12.1 @ 114.

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