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Originally Posted by Dropspeed View Post
I can not see, nor did I like the placement of the aux gauges in the 2013 with the New MYlink radio as the HVAC controls now hang lower on the IP.

I do agree with the wheel blocking the view of the tach and speedo in my seating position. However, on the street I use the center display to display the speed/MPH and listen to the motor when winding her out. At the track the MPH is not important so I will use the center display for coolant temps. ( wish it had oil pressure or oil temps reading out on the center display as well)

I'm with you on this, Matt! Thankfully, they have the LCD with the speed, but, unfortunately, that's all it shows when selected. I don't think I have quite a good enough ear to hit 6500 every time.

They might as well start over and take all the gauges out, and just put a large LCD display with all readouts visible at one time, including oil pressure, temp, trans temp, coolant temp, speed, tach, even diff temp. They could make it user configurable, too. Some could even go on the MyLink screen.

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