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Well here is my story. Late Sunday afternoon coming back from friends in NC, I pull off the road, jump out of the car and say---YOU DRIVE. Well after playing the game of "ITS YOUR CAR" I don't want to drive it, she came over to the drivers side and got in. She had driven a stick beforeand was good at it. The first mile or so she drove the car she was so focused on everything around her that I could have said anything and she woud not have known it. She then started to get "THE GRIN", the one we all had when we got our cars. A few months later she said that it was time to trade in her car and get a new one. She asked to go over to the dealer to take one out for a test drive. She now has a 2013 Camaro, what a deal for me!!!!! She loves it (looks great driving it)and it looks dam good in the garage next to mine. I even parked it close enough so that they would touch to see if we could have some little ones but I guess that only happens with the living
We have done a few things to it, tint/wheels&tires/fuzzy dice
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