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Originally Posted by DJ ATOMIX View Post
I'll tell you right now, buy a ported throttlebody right out and do not send in your core as you risk chancing having no throttlebody for two months.

I live in Canada and its now been well over two months and I still have not received my throttlebody and my car has been sitting on my driveway all spring not even used once.

Canada usually takes maybe a day or two more in shipping time. There is no reason why you should not have your TB back. With specific cores that a customer wants ported (Not a swap), sometimes it does take a week or two for VMax to make his next production run. However, I have numerous client's send in swap cores and the day we receive the core, we send out the swap TB as long as we have stock.

I would check with your vendor on this. This is not a normal occurrence with Vmax.
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