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Patriotic Bow Tie!! What do you think???

OK, I want you guys honest opinion. What do you think of this patriotic bow tie i did this weekend. Just in time for the 4th. It tool me a while to find the right stickers i wanted, a flag with a wave and not just flat. I finial found them at a Chevy dealer here in Houston. I got the last 4 he had, but they are ordering some more. I have to say, the pictures do not do it justice. The front bow tie I removed the bow tie completely took out the gold insert, added a 1/4 inc, foam sheet (My wife's idea, and yes it actually worked) then sealed it. The sticker is very high quality with about a 1/4 inch hard clear rubber surface. Really protects the image, no chance of water getting behind.

The back bow tie I just made a pattern and placed over the gold. They both turned out great i think. Just want others opinion.

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