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Originally Posted by newmoon View Post
I donít think that itís a good idea to chase the 13-500s hp numbers. As you can see even with all those mods the ZL1 only managed 560 rwhp in this article, while the 500 usually sees 600-620 rwhp stock. If the 500 adds a pulley and tune and they are sitting at 680. So you get the idea. Instead I think you are better off to work on getting your car to be more efficient, learn how to launch and drive it. Last week a member here drove a stock ZL1 with DRs to an 11:50s pass. That pass would beat 90% of the stock 13-500s out there. IMO this is much more impressive than somebody throwing a bunch of dollars at their car to boast about hp numbers.
Originally Posted by sonic656 View Post
I gotta say I totally agree. With a pulley,CAI,TB and tune those 500's are seeing over 100rwhps gains as well. With less work; no exhaust, porting or cooling mods.

On the other hand more power is always a good thing
Not sure if the GT500, stock, is putting down 620rwhp on a Mustang Dyno? Regardless, the additional HP coming from the GT500 (stock) cost you $5k more than the ZL1 (Stock). $5k can get you a lot of HP with proper cooling on the ZL1.
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