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hey, I stumbled upon this website and it amazed me how much it saves. is the site. I entered the car information as well as options that I wanted, and it prompts you for information (name, email, phone number, zip code). After that it shows a list of Truecar authorized dealerships and allows you to check boxes for them to reach out to you. Upon checking the boxes and clicking submit, I received emails from each of the 3 dealerships showing guaranteed savings as well as additional estimated savings. I was amazed since the guaranteed savings alone from one dealership beat out the invoice price configured at aol autos. One might ask, "how does a dealership sell a car below invoice?". I've heard that even the invoice price is not exactly the price that dealerships pay. Since invoice prices nowadays are accessible to the public, I've heard that the actual invoice is hidden.

Anyways, i'm not sure if it works the same for Canada, but I thought this may help you get the best deal. It sure put a smile on my face when I found I could save an additional $992 off what Aol autos said to be the invoice amount.
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