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Originally Posted by heRS View Post
Lets reverse the question. Would I let my boyfriend drive my Camaro? Given that my sweetie has driven cars of his through fires, caught air going over railroad tracks, taken out mailboxes, come home with turf stuck up inside wheel wells, brought one of my trucks back with a blown up engine and another one t-boned & totalled - not to mention called me to come get him when he LOST MY JEEP (I said "you better go find it and drive it home then hung up on him) I will ONLY let him drive it if I come along to supervise. He gets all butt-hurt about it but as dr phil says "past behaviour is an excellent predictor of future behaviour." Those things never seem to happen when I'm along so there it is. No.
WOW! I Don't blame you at all! That's crazy!
Originally Posted by family man View Post
I told my wife what I posted and she laughed. My 10 year old heard me tell her, and following in my footsteps said, dad you're not suppose to tell mom about your girlfriend! Chip off the old block he is!
HAAHAH!!! Priceless!!!
Originally Posted by family man View Post
No offense, but he should be your EX-boyfriend.

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Well here is my story. Late Sunday afternoon coming back from friends in NC, I pull off the road, jump out of the car and say---YOU DRIVE. Well after playing the game of "ITS YOUR CAR" I don't want to drive it, she came over to the drivers side and got in. She had driven a stick beforeand was good at it. The first mile or so she drove the car she was so focused on everything around her that I could have said anything and she woud not have known it. She then started to get "THE GRIN", the one we all had when we got our cars. A few months later she said that it was time to trade in her car and get a new one. She asked to go over to the dealer to take one out for a test drive. She now has a 2013 Camaro, what a deal for me!!!!! She loves it (looks great driving it)and it looks dam good in the garage next to mine. I even parked it close enough so that they would touch to see if we could have some little ones but I guess that only happens with the living
We have done a few things to it, tint/wheels&tires/fuzzy dice
Lol that's awesome! I haven't has "The Grin" yet lol! But i've only driven in parking lots sooo we'll see!! Lol.
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Mine drove my Vette Once,she is scared of it,and she watches out for it more than I do,She lets me know if I'm too close to a curb or tailgating or if I picked a good parking place.
That's exactly how I am!!! Lol.
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