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Me too. I assume the revolver, Georgiana or whatever, was supposed to be the Smith and Wesson .500 magnum, I have one of those under my pillow, and yes it will break someone's nose.

Huge Arnold fan here, I drive a ZL1, I love that gun, but I thought the movie kind of sucked a little. Bad directing, it's like most of the lines from Arnold and Johnny Knoxville didn't quite hit they way they should have.

Let me be fair, the film kind of sucked compared to movies that have come out the last couple of years that didn't suck, the Marvel films, Star Trek, Morning Glory, Django Unchained. But in the line up of all Arnold films, it's definitely to fiftieth percentile.

Honestly, if the chick had found an excuse to maybe take her clothes off, a little gratuitous nudity if you will, it would have garnered another star probably.
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