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Eric Skiff
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So maybe my car isn't on a train. I ordered my car in the beginning of March and put down a deposit. About a week later I was told they had ordered one for stock that was exactly the same as mine (with the addition of the RS package), and it would arrive much sooner. Would I want that car? I told them yes. They gave me a copy of the invoice and I was having Becky track it for me. On April 9th I got a call saying the car was at the dealership. I went to pick it up the next day. It was beautiful. Then the sales manager tells me "we ordered you a car, but that's not the car you ordered". Somebody offered them over MSRP, so they sold it. Back to waiting for my original order. My TPW was 4/15, so of course my car has been bayed for over a month. Last week the salesman tells me my car is en route and it will be here by May 27th at the latest. The sales manager emails me today and says the car is still bayed, but maybe it'll be here by the 27th. This is the worst customer service I have ever received from a company in my life. The only way I here anything is if I contact them. They don't seem to give a damn unless I ask, and even then it takes a week to get back to me. If this is representative of all GM dealers I don't know how this company is still in business. I'm sure I'll be happy when I finally get my car (and I'm getting a great price), but this is beyond rediculous.
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