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Originally Posted by RichieSSZ28 View Post
I like Shock top or Blue moon with a slice of orange man!! LOL!
I live north of Pensacola and I'm off for a whole month. If you don't get this installed by June 10th when I get back home. Let me know and I'll drop the wife and kid off by the shopping mall and help you out. My bestfriend and I did my SLP LT headers on my SS in about 2-3 hrs with floor jacks and stands. We were not rushing either. All you need is a socket set really. The torque wrench is a good way but you can tell around 18ft-lbs and it don't take much. But it's really not hard and I wouldn't mind as I come that way anyways on nice sunny days. I keep a tool set in the trunk that would complete it all. But I would recommend a nice Craftsman set in the truck just incase for future. You never know when you may need it.

Dude, I totally would have bought TWO cases of each....and even drove out west to see you....and I still would have saved money!!!!! Hahaha. That would've been fun!!!

Thanks a ton for the offer but I ended up going to a different shop and paid $274 for the install header. I was happy as it was way less than paying $460!!! I got them installed this past Monday.

You going to be at any of the upcoming ECC cruises???

Thanks again for the offer. Maybe when I get another set of lowering springs.... I was once quoted $600 for I sold them! LOL.
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