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I've ran nothing but 93 octane since the day i took delivery. My ZL1 was ordered, it wasn't purchased off the lot. Just to be sure and out of curiosity I done the fuse pull way before i've done any mods. I didn't experience any difference from the fuse pull so I guessed I were the lucky few that actually took delivery of my ZL1 with the proper 93 octane. I have up to 4,500 miles logged. I had all my traction assists off. I went back to check and made sure all my hoses related to this mod are on tight.. they were fine so still puzzled how some are claiming increase on all ranges of the rpm. Anyway its a pretty simple mod.. i don't see how i could mess it up.. I'll post pictures some point over the weekend for those who suggessted it.. so you could see if i messed it up or not.
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