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I think the general rule is as long as you don't do a tune. I took mine in yesterday for hood alignment and going to where I bought it for a free oil change tomorrow, and I have my Rotofab and fuse pulled, I'm not worried. In fact when I was at the dealer I told the guy the fuse is pulled, so if your guys say the exhaust isn't functioning just leave it.

Plus they have to prove if something goes wrong with your car that the intake is specifically what caused the failure, and that isn't going to happen with just what you are talking about. I wouldn't worry about it.

Speaking of, did you guys know you can have a dealer install a SLP package and, according to the service manager at this dealership, it doesn't void your warranty. The one package I saw wasn't a CAI, but a high flow air filter for the stock housing, headers, and a tune that comes from SLP and is downloaded on your car. It's not something I'm interested in, but, if someone really just wanted a little extra power or the growl of headers, it might be a way to go. A little expensive, like $3000, and I think that is just ordering the parts so plus the labor. And it's not that much extra power, but hey. You might have to go to an actual "SLP Chevy Dealership," or maybe not, I have no idea.
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