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Originally Posted by thespymaster View Post
I know RX products are top notch and make no excuses for them, but would like to chime in on the above in regards to your engine concerns !

I have a Stage III build by Livernois Motorsports and at the time of the build by them, I asked about installing a CATCH CAN for the same issues you address above and they "Livernois" stated they do NOT use or recommend the use of CATCH CANs for thier type of builds!

Furthermore if needed , you would think GM would have put it in as they have everything else built for the track on the ZL1 ( diff / oil coolers )

I have a RX can collecting dust

So you fine with your intercooler clogged and the rotors n the SC thrown off balance by the deposits taking bearings out?

Below is an intercooler with only 15K miles on it with no catchcan:

And a ZL1 with the RX can installed at new....this is 16K miles:

If your fine with that, then by all means, do not add a can.

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