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Originally Posted by Lethal Z View Post
I just wanted to confirm a few cool recent events as I have seen some discussion on these items recently:

1) XM Radio: I just got a renewal notice from XM in the mail yesturday and they show my renewal date is exactly 1 year from the pruchase date, Sweet. I know some guys have said they got shut off after 3 months.

2) ZL1 plaque: I got a cool letter from GM in the mail yesturday congradulating me on the purchase on my ZL1 and it had a cool type plaque (very worthy of being framed) with my name/vin and details of my car...Very Cool.

3) I got a phone call last night. I have called ID and the caller was listed as, General Motors,,,,HHMMM? I answered and sure enough it was a GM engineer asking about my ZL1. He wanted to know if I was happy with the Car and if there were any issues, complaints or comments I wanted to share. I spoke with him for about 15 minutes, told him I loved the Car and thanked GM for making such a badass ride.

I have owned Vipers and Vettes and never received a call from the factory, to see what I thought.....

Nice job GM!!!
Hello Lethal Z,

We are happy you're having such a great experience with your Camaro ZL1. We are sure things will continue to meet and exceed your expectations.

Reggie B.
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