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Originally Posted by SC2150 View Post
Bumblebee. You refused to PM me for the past month your name or any contact info to track yours....
whatever you say Tracy. you keep saying that I've been at fault by not making any attempts to PM with this issue. so, let me show you some time lines:

4/15 - ordered placed
4/19 - email from Karen telling me the item was on back order status 2 to 3 weeks.

- not sure what day exactly but I did send you a PM asking what's up with my order. no response. someone on the forum then said you were on a temp ban for something. (gee, no surprise there...)

5/3 - email from Karen telling me my order would be ready to ship by 5/10 - this is almost four freaking weeks after my order was placed.
5/14 - email from Irene telling me my order will be shipping in the next day or so.

and yet still nothing. I tried to call MULTIPLE TIMES to complain and to get any straight answers but no one ever answers your damn phones. (again, no surprise there.) that's when I decided to start this thread so people on this forum could see what kind of business you run.
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