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Originally Posted by thespymaster View Post
Don't take my 1st response wrong; I'm a big fan of your products and bought the RX can from your company before I had the ZL1 delivered!

When it was at Livernois Motorsports for Stage III build they said clearly that they DO NOT recommend ANY catch can for their type builds !

I assume they based upon my requirements for both a DD and use on the drag strip!

I will email Andy @ Livernois for validation of my comments above
Why does Livernois recommend no catch can? Just curious.

Tracy, a little constructive criticism from a customer rep manager: there's a time to respond publicly, and a time to just let the issue die out on its own. It seems that when you respond, the pot just gets stirred. I don't have a dog in this fight. This is just a suggestion from an observer.

To further that, the bit above to promote catch cans is in poor taste, in this thread at least. Do what you gotta do to peddle your stuff, but keep in mind that there's a time and a place. This thread provides neither.

Good luck to all of you.
Bye bye, Bumblebee!

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