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Yes actually I do have specs. These are the tires here, I could get more exact but I'd have to dig through about two months of emails back and forth with the shop I'm getting them from. A Tire Discount in Dayton, OH. Down the street from Dayton Wire Wheel. I started with 18x8's and 20.9.5 but moved to 20x8's and 20x10's in the end.

front-245/45R20 99W (Nitto model & stock number: INVO / 203-140)
rear-275/40R20 106W (Nitto model & stock number: INVO / 203-180)

The Invo's are considered a Luxery Sport High Performance an they have execellent wet/dry performance as well as good road noise levels. There line up is here:
You can also find a dealer near you through this site too. The website say they only have ZR's but the dealer told me they have R's as well in my size. You may find a bit off because we didn't dicker over the exact sizing as I already have wheels selected and they really need to fit that so I put them with a Gary over at Dayton Wire Wheel and there getting the final particulars straightened out. Usually the best choice.

An you just reminded me to shoot them another message too. Thanks. Hope this was helpful.
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