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07th Jul

I'm spilling the beans because I got a real deal and these guy's deserve more customers reguardless.
Talked to Timmy from Addicted Auto Accessories and confirmed the Defender Werxes parts for paint and delivery. This guy was very helpful and patient, because all my dealings are through the WWW only at the moment, an I had to modify my order some too. It would seem that the Grill I wanted done in Galaxy Black can only be done in Chrome and Black Powder Coat. So, I've ordered:

Grill - Phantom (upper&lower) in Black Powder Coat
Sills - Door Sills in Black Powder Coat
G Cap - The Cap is now Black Powder Coat
Bowties - These are still coming in Galaxy Black for a slight difference in depth and texture.

They broke me off all this for real close to $1000 with shipping and handeling. An the Half grill would have been around $850 with S/H. This is also with 10% off across the board. So some will be that much off roughly. Now I think I should have asked about flat black for the gas cap. If anyone does this I'd love to see pics.
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