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T and T is an excellent choice for a Dealer. They will take great care of you.

Being on the forum, I have developed a more or less personal relationship with many C5 members. That leads to personal contacts for purchasing and setup information. It also leads to calls from some who purchased other brands. I do my best to give each caller the amount of time they need to get the information they want and has nothing to do with the amount of the potential purchase.

The problem is the best part of my job is working with individual clients from my Dealers or direct calls in. Occasionally I lose track of an inquiry by phone, PM or email. It doesn't matter why, it is still my responsibility. The calls, emails and PMs I get are not restricted to Pedders purchases or product support. I try to answer each one with as much detail as possible. Here are a few samples from my PM box.


Do you have any experience with the new3 BFG Rival? I'm trying to decide between the Rival and the Toyo R888. MY guy at Tirerack said he would suggest the Rival over the R888 for a track tire....I'm just really having a hard time wrapping my head around a "Extreme performance summer" tire being stickier than an R compound "track" tire.


Okay, I would like your input on something. Would I be able to benefit from buying a set of take-offs from a 2011 SS? Would it lower my car any or just make it stiffer? I know some companies make lowering springs but since my car is a DD, I can't lower it too much or my splitter would drag everywhere, but I would like something better than what I have for autoX. Thanks!


Hey i was just wondering if you could tell me if these are FE3 or 4 suspension sways. I got them for free today and depending on what type they are i might or might not put them on my V6.

The only info on there are stickers that have a barcode and say: 22795025 ABH and a LH 18 for in the middle of the bar the front and 22795022 AACX and LJ 15 in the middle of the bar for the rear.


Hi Pete,

I had Mike Haddad install the components on my ZL1. The car feels so much better now. I can "feel" the responsiveness in the wheel and rear end now. The car tracks thru the corners now and doesn't "push" as it did before. Great products, adding more stuff next month. I posted pictures in the suspension thread.


Pete, we got everything set up for this Friday 24 May. I will be there first thing in the morning. Are you gonna be able to do the corner weightiing i seem to recall you mentioning a while back?


I'll be at Heath's this Friday to assist with an upgrade on a C5 clients ridiculous build. We are installing camber plates, high rate coils on his Supercars, a new rear Z bar and a few other items along with a race style alignment and corner weight. In my efforts to provide everyone with personal service I disappoint some. So I'll have some raving about our level of support and some bitterly disappointed.


You waited almost two weeks and I am sorry.

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