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^...and to that end, I understand your point, but I would like to ad that long term experience and the ability to articulate/express into words, and have visceral feel are different things. Perspective is reality is the saying. They vary wildy. Therefore proven methods of documenting and repeating results is key, such as in a scientiific method. Dyno pulls are a good source, and granted they vary somewhat due to the technology, but they are real world. Also someone who is very good at doing something may not be able to translate that ability, give feedback, or discriminate enough between what is noticeable and what is not. Semantics to a degree, ones perception versus reality another. However, some are locked in, plugged in, or in tune to a point with something to the degree that they are able to distinguish between fine differences of performance and can differentiate between them. Dynos are good, and an additional 100 HP is even better, but a driver with enough seat time and experience can relate to the changes in performance up or down the scale readily.
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