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Originally Posted by Inferno1LE View Post
. ...................I'm going to try adding brake ducts more for preservation of pads/rotors than anything else because honestly, the stock setup is not that bad.
I learned a couple of items specific to the 1LE when adding brake ducts.

The air from the lower grille area is faster and cooler than the air near the fog light openings...(which is listed in a post above also)

The 1LE dust shield (aka rotor backing plates) are the same small ones used on the ZL1. (you can see this if you climb under the car or take a wheel off) This would explain why the ZL1 air duct that enter from the lower grill and dumps/directs air through the fender liners works.

I priced everything out yesterday and will be ordering the parts next week to figure out how to mount them in the SS/1LE front end.

This will require some fab work as the ducts will not match up directly to SS front end.......DIY.project thread in the future...

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