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Hi and welcome Jake.

No, you don't need a tune after you install the headers but, there are a few things to be aware of:

- You will eventually throw a CEL (Check Engine Light). It does not hurt anything but it may annoy you and, depending on your state's inspection laws, you might not pass if they see the CEL.

- You won't get all the HP gains that you could with a tune.

I don't know of any tuners in your area but I do recommend checking with Maryland Speed. They are a great vendor to work with, a vendor sponsor of this forum, and I know they tune at their shop. I can't vouch for their tuning work but I know they do it.

Regarding tuning, there is a healthy debate about dyno vs. remote tuning (e-mail). You can search and read until you decide what you want to do. Whatever you decide, just make sure you do as much research about the tuner as you can cause. Think of it as it if you were picking a brain surgeon for yourself and you get the idea. If you decide to go with remote, Jannetty Racing is another great sponsor vendor on this site. He has done over 1,300 remote tunes for the Gen5 Camaros and has a lot fans. I just got my Jannetty tune two weeks ago. There are other good tuners as well.

Good luck!
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