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Originally Posted by VanquisherSS View Post
Hey bud looks like the car is coming along quite nicely. Dunno I always felt like the run from the trunk to the engine was too long for the meth. I was going to do a dedicated fuel system for my nitrous in a similar way but opted for the custom engine bay piece from nitrous outlet instead.

Tune Time has a pretty nice shop I was at their open house car show. Was running low on the juice so I didn't make a run on the dyno, didn't want to wait long enough to get my trophy LOL . Only thing I didn't like was their dyno I'd never hook it up with my wheels and tires which is why I like the dynapak dyno at ECS. Either way bud looking forward to catching a glimpse at this car soon.
This invite to the GM Nationals is making me spend more money!!! But I just picked up 2 more sponsors so that helps. Ordered a bunch of Black Billet interior pieces, and pete from Showstoppers & Roger from Emblem Pros are making me some special things! Great guys!

Getting this rear deck lid in Imperial Metallic Blue since my trunk has blue LEDs and my halos also have blue and doing the calipers powder coated to match. This is just their image. Got it with the 2 LEDs also. They'll have a booth at the Nationals as well.

I love the guys at Tune Time, Matt really knows his stuff and they're great guys to work with, and I've never seen a cleaner shop in my life. And it's not because they have a shortage in business, they're packed up! More good people & I'm so glad I'm going there!

Chris (xVengencex) & I are hard at work for that something special, that we hope you'll be involved in.....
We'll be seeing each other soon bro. I just checked NJ DMV and my Cali SSYNSTR plate is available here!! and I so is MYHOE for the Tahoe, but I wonder if they'll shoot it down thinking the Hoe part?

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