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Originally Posted by Raptor3141 View Post
Chase ... I will be installing my new BMR Split Drop springs next weekend. Before I do that, I have a question. I have read a lot about the stock shocks not being able to handle anything over a 1" drop (at least not for very long). Since I am dropping 1.4" in the front, should I also be looking at replacing the shocks at the same time? Any recommendations? This is a DD car and won't see the track.

I have also seen recommendations for changing the lower control arm and potentially, a relocation bracket. Anything to this?

We have a ton of customer that have the BMR split drop lowering springs or the BMR 1.4" lowering springs installed on their car and are happy with them and have had no issues. From all the testing we have done we have found that a 1.4" drop is really the limit you want to go with factory struts/shocks and anything beyond that is too low for the shock to control and decreases the lifespan of the shock significantly. Since their are not really any aftermarket options (at least for the time being) for struts/shocks on these cars you are limited in what you can do. If you want to go any lower than the 1.4" lowering springs we recommend going with coil-overs which are more designed for that.

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