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Originally Posted by Mchlgrrsn View Post
Thanks for the responses. I need a plan for IAT. Normal driving I'm about 30 to 50 degrees over outside temp. Haven't seen track or WOT temps yet. My tuners plan (who does everything the expensive way lol) is to add a larger resivior in trunk and add either a larger heat exchanger or add a second exchanger. See what that does and then if needed add meth. I like the resivior idea because I can pack with ice at the track, not sure about putting more stuff in front of my radiator. Wondering if I should skip my tuners advice and go straight to meth because I am guessing it will still be needed after I do the other stuff. Any suggestions will be more than welcome. Thanks.

The large resi in the trunk works well. It keeps my IAT's in check and I spin the balls off the blower. Starting iats are below ambient before I stage the car. This ice chest is the main reason my car can run about the same times in any weather from -1000 da to 4000 like at camaro fest 3. It's not that bad price wise.

You can always add race gas to decrease any chance for detonation and to increase power.

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