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Conversation w/ Engineer who developed ZL1 Steering

I just got home from the local car show here in Southwest Michigan. It's at Lane Automotive, which if you haven't heard of is a big distributor like Summit Racing. Anyway, I had my ZL1 there and shortly before I was getting ready to leave a guy named Kirby came up and started chatting with me. Apparently he was the engineer who designed the steering system in the ZL1. He had a lot of neat information about testing the car and some features that I, personally didn't know about the steering system in the ZL1. I guess that according to each driving mode the PTM is in the steering is also completely changed. For full-on racing the steering has very little assist compared to touring mode. It makes sense but I never really read anywhere where the steering was actually tuned differently for the different PTM modes.

I asked him what he's working on now and, of course, he couldn't say. So I asked him when I would get to see what he's working on now and he said "2016". So, speculation says it *COULD* be a new Camaro. Heck, if he worked on the steering system for the ZL1, what's the chances he'd work on the 6th Gen?

Anyway, Kirby, if you're reading this I really appreciate the conversation and thank you a ton for the info. I really hope anything I said here doesn't get you busted or anything. These are, after all, just my opinions.

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