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Originally Posted by td195f View Post
Hello everyone, I just joined Upstate C5 this week. I finally broke down and bought myself something fun to drive during the short Central New York summer. I picked up my new 1LE Camaro last Friday and I am wondering what kind of street car scene goes on in the area.
It's funny I've been in the area for some time and have never really checked the street car side of things out. I've been dealing with drag race only cars for all that time and never thought about it. Now that I have a fun street and track car I'd like to check things out.
I will probably be attending the Grand Am race at Watkins Glen and I 'm looking for some track days to try turning corners instead of just going in a straight line. What else goes on in the area, cruises, shows, etc.?
I'd be interested in getting involved in some of these activities.

aboard bro. There will be a lot of info. coming at you. If you would like 2 pm me your name and address I will send you the club stickers nocharge 2 you. And you address wil not be given out,I delete the address as soon as I send the stickers out.

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