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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
I wouldn't buy a life jacket from the guy if I was drowning...

I made my mistake shortly after buying the Camaro. My first set of turbos lasted one week... Then I had to buy the replacements.... at his pricing... He told me, and I quote..."they are 1600 a piece, so 3600 for two of them," WTF... he told me this in front of lots of people at the Phoenix Fest, and then he almost got his backside handed to him when my wife, who never missed a beat asked him if he would take a check, and he stated "No, I prefer plastic,"

I had just spent thousands of dollars with this POS and he throws that out... I was ready to mess him up... The only reason it didn't happen was I was a thousand miles from home with broke car...

He tried to make amends by throwing on a set of "0" ohm wires at the Fest in Phoenix. Wrong... My builder and I took them apart when I got home and they are cheap generic wires from AutoZone that he puts a fancy cover on. He buys the crap in bulk and makes a killing on it... We put the factory wires back on...
Wow what a tool.
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