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Originally Posted by Mchlgrrsn View Post
Good to hear. I haven't had much luck skipping my tuners advice. He has been pretty much hell bent to put this large resivior in. He is confident it will work. It is not real complicated or expensive. I'll see what it does and hopefully it does the trick.
Thanks for all responses.
The only way the resi doesn't help that much it when you get stuck in stagging for an hour. You just need the support vehicle to have a cooler with you in stagging. Just drain the water before getting in the lanes bc you can't really drain the warm water out there. And give yourself about 5 minutes for the ice water to circulate. If you dump the ice in the run immediately it will not work as well. Two wks ago my starting iats after the burnout were 10 degrees below ambient. No staging wait though.
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