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Nobody ever said it would hold them over for life. LOL. How are you positive its not modded? LOL Well it is modded. No need to buy games. Wanna trade that Daytona for it? I used to do the cases,controllers,etc. Thats all played out. Curious how you came to your conclusions. But hey,thanks for the bump!!

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And this would only be true if you were selling a modded console which i'm almost positive it's not. Lucky for me, my best friend who is a mechanical engineer does mod consoles and can actually mod consoles to where i never had to buy another game. I don't think 3 games of choice will hold someone over for life from wanting another

I mod my xbox's like i do my I just traded this xbox 6 months ago for a 97 Dodge Dakota v8 that didn't run, got it all fixed up, and am now selling it for $2200. Once in a lifetime deal to trade an xbox for a v8 truck but i still miss the xbox.
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