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Originally Posted by jlawrence613 View Post
I've finally solved the mystery of how you manage to confuse and bewilder everyone you talk to on here... Considering NO BOLT-ON V6 has a snowballs chance in hell of trapping 113mph, it finally clicked with me...

You dont consider Nitrous as forced induction... YOU consider it a bolt on. Either that, or you were mis-led into thinking your buddy was bolted on only.

Again, I'm here to call BS when I hear it. I'm the link for the Camaro guys into the mustang world.

Your friend posts on my mustang board as "badsixxer". He is indeed spraying. The fastest BOLT-ON V6 mustang in the country runs 12.6 @ 108 with nearly every mod available.

I'm not going to flat out call you a liar. But you have GOT to get your crap together and do some more research before you blindly post. You have a reputation on here for spreading bad information. It's a good thing that you are always watching the drag strips and keeping us in the know. But make sure you know what you are talking about before you post.

For the record, your friend finished with a 13.0 @ 114 for the night, and yes, he had major traction issues. He ran on the stock BFG crap tires.
Don't have to be a V6 Mustang fan to know trapping 113 would never happen.

Not to mention OPs wife's V6 Mustang with bolt ons is running 14.7 while this other V6 Mustang bolt on runs a low 13??

I think not.

So is he spraying with all these cars he talks about including the Hondas and what not? Could be.
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