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Originally Posted by right to travel View Post
Alright what do i need to buy who from and how much
You can order this:

..which is the entire shift panel including gauges, #9 on picture. This place quotes $399. I bought the parts seperately and reused the power outlet and traction control button. Different GM parts houses might vary prices a bit, so shop around.

I bought the 4 gauges (#16) for a little over $200, the shift panel (no #)for a bit over $70, the factory gauge harness (#17) for under $20. So I figure I might have saved about $100 by reusing some of the components.

I then bought the custom wiring harness from Gen5DIY for about $95. the harness from Gen5 is needed for the 2013s regardless of which route you buy the gauges.

Here's another GM parts seller quoting $365:

Beware of varying shipping costs. Just google the part numbers to find more vendors. The parts seem to be in limited availability right now, though.

Good luck!

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