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J.R. likes to buy crap knockoff parts from questionable suppliers and re-label them as his own high performance parts... He's great with service, help and information right up until he has your credit card info...

He informed me at the Phoenix Fest he needed my used turbos for his display motor but that he would ship them in for warranty work as soon as he got back to his shop.... I'll give him credit, he did that, but shipped them in his name to be returned to him after they were rebuilt... They were my turbos, bought and paid for... so some time later he calls me and tells me he credited my acct with XX monies which was substantially less than he charged me for them originally and certainly less than he charged me for the second pair... He turned around and sold my turbos to some poor schlep that didn't know any better, and you can bet he sold them as new...

As mentioned before, I wouldn't buy a life jacket from him if I was drowning... Something he hasn't known until now, since I know he'll read this, is I have talked at least ten members out of buying his kit and going with any of a number of the competitors... All ALL remnants of his crap is off the car... It's a shame he and his customer service and commitment to quality suck.... The original kit was a decent design and would have been great with a couple of refinements... but nope, J.R. would rather screw someone and move on to other pastures than build a solid loyal client base...

He is a silver spoon born tool making money off of his families name... and screwing the world one customer or ten at a time...
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