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Prepping the engine, cleaning it up and getting it ready to wake it up for the first time in 21 years.

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Took a 10 hour round road trip, which we rented a cargo van to pick up a whole bunch of parts from a guy we found on kijiji. We bought inner front fenders, outer front fenders, lower part of the fenders, passenger and driver door as well as the Z28 scoops that fit in the fenders.

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We had thought we scored big picking all this up for a reasonable price. But once the body guy at the shop looked at the outer fenders he quickly pointed out that they were aftermarket fenders. This killed our entire high of what we thought was a successful trip. If anyone wants to buy some aftermarket Z28 fenders from me they are for sale.

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We took a gamble on the doors only paying $50 for both the driver and passenger door. We had already bought a passenger door seen in my previous post which was a southern part and in mint condition. These doors, well again after the body guy looked at the driver door he determined they are pretty good paperweights as it would cost more money to fix and weld on new metal then it would to just look for and buy another one. However, the door handles were in great condition on both doors so $50 for chrome door handles

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These next few pictures are of a donor car we picked up for a really reasonable price. All we wanted out of this car was the 4-speed transmission and everything that went along with this conversion such as clutch, pedals , linkage ect. as we are converting from automatic to 4 speed. We were surprised at how good the rubber on this car was so we scored big there and don't have to buy new rubber now. The car basically paid for itself in terms of saving us on buying rubber.

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Surprisingly the 350 engine does run. It was started after we towed it to the shop, and although the linkage was a little loose, it still went into gear and was "derivable". The engine is for sale if anyone wants to make an offer.

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This car also came with an extra set of interior which is in pretty good condition and it too is for sale. I was suprised how much stuff we actually fit inside this car. 2 complete sets of interior, 2 mufflers, 1 inner fender and 1 spare tire.

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Car does have t-tops which these too are for sale if anyone is interested. We pondered the idea of converting to t-tops but that decision was quickly overturned based on the fact that there is too much work involved to take them on and off.

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Equipped with Hurst shifter

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