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Originally Posted by Russell James View Post
For performance brakes, the more dust the better. Watch them take a Nascar stock car wheel off at a short track.

You can look to the racing stuff for all the tips. Huge dust, no drilled rotors, best fluid and lines available, as much cooling as possible.

If your tracking the ZL1, I'd swap in some better fluid and lines. Then stock up on some spare stock pads and rotors. Inspect often. Get black wheels, and a dark body color.

IBM with black wheels would have been my pick until some no talent color killin degenerate killed off IBM. I'd probably now go with AG with black wheels as a second choice.

Get a light color with polished wheels... the dust will drive you nuts.
Agreed. I have the black rims with SIM and I haven't really noticed the brake dust issue much more than with other high performance cars I've owned. I think the black rims hide it well..
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