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Stealership - Kocourek in Wausau, WI

Did damage to my camaro, refused to repair it saying it was fine. After threatening lawyers on them they ended up paying another shop to fix it which was a little over $3,000. The guy I dealt with at the dealership was a complete waste of life and the owner wasn't much better.

Oh not to mention they try to drag out any issues that would be covered under warrenty so that when warrenty is up you all of a sudden have tons of issues that need fixing.

Stealership - Brickners of Wausau

Bought two cars from them the same day. One was a brand new 08 heritage 300c, other was a 06 charger r/t. They were very friendly at first until our two sales. I was in the marker for a new car (wanted a challenger before a camaro) and they were extremly rude to me and wouldn't allow me to test drive the SRT8 they had on the lot. They also registered the 300 at over 100k miles so warrenty was scrap (even though we onlu put 28k on the car) and it took a month of dicking around to get it taken care of. They also installed cheap breaks on the car but charged us for their higher quality ones and again it was a hissy fit.

Dealership - O'maleys in Wausau, WI

Very friendly, they seem to be the only dealership I've been at tjat seems to care about you and your car. The owners are very down to earth. They also do good quality work and I always do repeated business with them
No negatives so far.

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