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Originally Posted by Irnwkrkev View Post
They can't do that if they're a paid sponsor! They'll delete your posts instead

Like they probably will this one.
Seriously, did you notice that my user name isn't quite the same shade of red as yours... I'm a moderator, and I've been asked for two years to post what happened, and until now I refused....

This sub-forum is exactly what is being demonstrated here... the satisfaction of dis-satisfaction with vendors, regardless of sponsor status....

Having said that, there are people with an unfounded agenda that do nothing but follow vendors around creating havoc.... You don't pay to be here, the sponsoring vendors do... That certainly doesn't mean the vendors are always right, or the members are always wrong....

We delete postings of harassment regardless of whom they are directed towards; be it a general member or a sponsoring vendor. We track post histories prior to making rash decisions, and we have access to much more information than the general populous.
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