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Originally Posted by Irnwkrkev View Post
Why refuse for years to help keep someone from getting ripped off..... especially if they've been taken for thousands? It's beneficial for everyone to broadcast troubles and findings.
It can also force manufacturers to keep on their toes with quality.

Vendors always have the right to explain themselves and some of them do a damn good job of it.
In my experience it becomes a he said she said thing.

You're written off as a disgruntled customer.

I spend a lot of time at a performance shop, and I've learned one thing... In a quality shop, the occasional unhappy customer is the customer that has no idea what they want in the first place....

Typically, they tramp from shop to shop looking for satisfaction, but like my ex wife, if they don't know what they want it's a given no one else will...

I refuse to be one of them. I knew from the start what I wanted... I didn't go out and buy parts that didn't fit the end product.. I worked with a reputable quality builder and we planned for several months prior to even starting... We saw good things and were getting good information about the kit I was purchasing... and that's how it was right up until my credit card info was given over... Does me slinging mud help anything, maybe to a few close friends that are actually witnesses to what occurred... At this point, I'm just venting... and like I mentioned earlier, I've had literally dozens of people ask me privately via Pm or other methods, and I've steered them to other vendors that have proven their worth and customer support... My two favorites to send people to to this point are Hellion and IPS.

Finally, I'm not the kind to complain... Stuff happens, racecar... I've made two trips to the Texas Mile to set a 5th Gen record, racecar... I'll be going back in October schedule providing, and hopefully it'll work out...
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